GeorgyMM | Photography

Hailing from the southern part of India, Kerala, Georgy M Mathew is a photojournalist and an avid traveller looking out for assignments, events and portraits. By making his subjects feel relaxed and comfortable, he uses his skill and practice to capture the timeless moments that creates stunning pictures and portraits.

Though Georgy had befriended the camera at a very early age from his dad who took pictures as a hobby, he embraced photography and its possibilities seriously a few years back when he moved out of the IT industry and got into a business that promotes and supports green initiatives.

He travels globally for business promotions and assignments and these experiences re-ignited his passion for photography. He follows this art very passionately and his experience with graphic software helps him in post processing his work. His photographs have been published in numerous travel related websites and journals.

He is presently involved with a few fortnightly newspapers and websites as their photojournalist on honorary/ assignment basis. He feels fortunate enough to get a chance to work with the ace lensman Rajhen Paul for a few of his assignments.

Georgy feels that his positive attitude towards life is greatly inspired from the movie “The secret”, the book “The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy and the Teachings of The Buddha.

Georgy is presently on an assignment with Doha Metro at Qatar.